Ebony Amour Lewis is MeAmoure.  Ebony is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but has taken up residence on the lovely island of Oahu in the warm and peaceful community of Nenala at Mehana, Kapolei.  When she came to Hawaii in 2012, she came with two pieces of luggage; one for clothes and the other for hair care supplies and equipment.  This displays her passion for what she has been gifted by God to do.  Ebony opened Salon MeAmoure in the Winter of 2015 in order to cater to women from all walks of life.  She believes that maintaining a hairs health is just important as its beauty.  


Ebony is a devoted wife and daughter of God.  She believes that your relationship with God is the most important relationship that you will have in life and spends countless hours in service to the community.


Ebony passionately cares for each one of her clients and pours out herself daily to ensure that hair care needs as well as spiritual needs are met.  She also believes in the power of prayer.  Your hair is important, but will never supersede your relationship with God.  


Book with Ebony today to gain a beautician who cares for your physical, mental, and spiritual well being.