Choosing the Right Wig

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

When it comes to selecting the right wig, there are so many choices and variables that many of us decide against wearing them. Well, we want to help take the guess work out of selecting the right wig for you.

Style and Texture (Human or Synthetic) 

Should I purchase human hair wigs or synthetic wigs? Should I select long, short, bob, pixie, curly, afro-kinky, etc? There are endless options to choose from, but you should purchase a wig that fits your personality and your budget. Firstly, in deciding whether to purchase a synthetic wig or human hair wig, just know that synthetic wigs are much cheaper, but you GET what you pay for. Understand that you can't apply heat or any form of color to those units, which are suitable for a night out on the town to change your look. Human hair wigs give you a little more versatility to color and style with heat. So, most often then not we would always recommend a human hair wig, unless you are attending a costume party or night club, and looking for a quick fix.

There are numerous textures when choosing a wig, and most people want a texture that resembles their own. Something natural and believable is always a good choice for you, but many ladies choose something more eccentric and exotic, something that couldn't possibly come from our own scalps (yeah I said scalps, lol). If you are an afro-centric personality, then you might enjoy an afro-kinky (tight-curl), kinky-curly (more of a Z-Curl), or kinky-straight (mostly resembles coarse kinky hair that has been pressed out).

If you prefer the exotic look, then we always recommend either a natural wave (Kimmy) or loose wave (Yara).

Which brand? 

Of course we would love to have you shop with us, but there are tons of brands out there and some even local to Oahu. We just really encourage you to do your homework. Check out reviews. Brand will dictate pricing, but just know that most wig retailers receive their wigs from a vendor and then customize them to your liking. Pricing can range from $50-$2000,00+ dollars for a real human hair wig. I bet you are wondering how can a wig possibly cost $2000.00? Well, when you purchase a luxurious wig from a company that is successfully branded, then $2000 might actually be worth it. One of my favorites comes from an Australian Company, Freedom Couture

If you don't have $2000 to spend on a unit and most of us don't, then there are plenty of safe alternatives.

Which Lace?

There are good things about both hard and soft lace so we recommend that you give them both a try. Hard lace is great for ensuring versatility with your unit because it doesn’t rise up when you want to style it, for example in a half-up, half-down. However, soft lace is very comfortable on your edges and if you are going to be wearing wigs daily for an extended period of time could be the right choice for you. At Meamoure, we love soft lace. Our lace is a blend of Korean and Swiss, which combines both softness and durability. It blends perfectly; just have a looksy for yourself....

Will the wig fly off? - We know your thinking it, so here's our answer... 

Most wigs come with combs in the front and back of the unit, and also adjustable straps so that you can snugly (but not tightly) fit the wig to your head. Unless someone pulls it off, it’s not likely that your wig will slip off completely. 

We really hope this helps as we all fight to get back to our normal ways of life. COVID-19 has caused each of us to evaluate how we do things, and wigs are a helpful alternative for our hair during this time, while we continue to practice social distancing.

Stay tuned for our next Blog as we discuss custom wigs...

Stay Safe

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